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Network Partners

Network Partners

To achieve sustainable growth of communities, and to impact a larger number of people, FDI works through a network of partner organisations. At present, FDI has a committed member network of more than 100 NGOs working to improve living conditions and opportunities for people in different parts of the country. FDI provides technical assistance to these organisations in the development and implementation of their programs and in the exchange of information and resources. FDI has also facilitated grant making to these organisations through various Donor Agencies, Businesses and the Government.

The Network partners share common characteristics. Many initiatives originally came to exist through the energy, dedication and skill of volunteers and staff working at the grassroots level. FDI draws upon the talents of people of all faiths, and works to enhance the competence of resource people on an ongoing basis.

The different sectors of the Network also share common principles. Whether in health, education, alternative livelihoods generation, or cooperatives development, Network organisations seek to reach people without access to services, complementing but not substituting the efforts of government and other providers.

Network agencies function through the participation of local people at all levels – in defining services needed, providing them and evaluating their effectiveness. Their mandates are both urban and rural. FDI has partners across the country, not only in urban areas but in rural, often remote, areas. The FDI-Orissa, FDI-West Bengal, FDI-Bihar and FDI-Sikkim chapters were formally established in 2004-05. Enabling people in rural areas to create the services they need and to have access to the opportunities they want is a particular focus.