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FDI specializes in providing end-to-end solutions for those engaged in the development sector. Our strength lies in the rich experience base of our network partners, development consultants and volunteers.

Our network partners have individual mandates that range from the fields of health and education to poverty alleviation, environment, good governance, micro-enterprises development, agricultural-marketing, alternative livelihoods generation, cooperatives development etc. Therefore, FDI has been instrumental in developing programs ranging a broad spectrum of issues.


Our services include:


  • Problem definition & Identification of solutions with community partcipation.
  • Development of customised Programs to address local needs.
  • Capacity building & training of stakeholders.
  • Piloting of development models as a road-map for replication by other agencies.


  • Conceptualisation & Development of programs and implementation plans.
  • Capacity building and training.
  • Resources mobilisation.
  • Baseline surveys and impact assessments.
  • Mentoring & evaluation of programs and strategies.
  • Process documentation, advocacy and IEC material preparation.


  • Developing and managing Corporate Social Responsibility for businesses and monitoring its implementation.

Government & Donor Agencies:

  • Facilitating grant making to Grassroots Organisations.
  • Assisting in the Identification of priority issues in target areas


  • Providing opportunities for individual volunteering & giving.